Monday, 11 February 2019

Weekend Workshops with Jeanette Sendler

What an exciting weekend of workshops with artist Jeanette Sendler and her creative partner Alison Mountain from Big Cat Textiles 

During the workshop on Saturday participants made wonderful garments using pre-felt, beautiful dyed yarns and knits. Under expert guidance from Jeanette the group made small jackets from templates and decorated the fabrics using the dyed yarns, knits and pre-felts. Norma choose a grey pre-felt background with a magenta knit laid on top. Sharon, Pleasaunce and Ann went for a stunning turquoise background. Sharon laid silk shapes on top of her pre-felt, Pleasaunce choose a foresty dark green knit to lay on top of her pre-felt and Ann used a fresh yellow/green knit to contrast with the background. Helen choose an zingy yellow and burgandy dyed knit on top of her pattern.
From top left to right, Gail and Ann discussing the pattern cutting, Sharon laying her template and cutting the jacket shapes
Bottom left to right Ann finishing her template cutting and Helen carefully preparing the base pre-felt shape
From top left to right, samples of Jeanette's finished jackets to inspire the group, Norma laying and cutting the magenta knit, Ann fresh green/yellow knit arrangement and Helen carefully placing the burgandy knit across
 her cut pre-felt shape
Top left to right, Helen also added some silk hankies to to her creation, close up's of Ann and Norma's work and a sample of Alison Mountains hand-dyed knit in a wonderful shade of green

Day two workshop enabled participants to make wall hangings. Sandy used greens and grey triangular shapes with a dark green dyed knit. Dorothy used brown/green tones and cut prefelt to create a moody forest feel. Barbara used her favourite pinks in a knit to lay over a grey pre-felt to make a shawl. Ann had a fawn coloured base and multi coloured dyed knit on top. Pleasaunce created an amazing colourful floral design that flowed from top to bottom in an array of colours. Jayne had fantastic textures and colours inspired by the Mournes to create a mountain scene. Elaine expertly made a galleon ship moving across the sea with billowing sails using her own white knit. Sarah our experimental felt maker used exciting materials on a grey pre-felt with shapes cut in blue and turquoise and Leah choose a grey background with a beautiful sunset orange and shades of green on her wall hanging.

Thank you to Jeanette and Alison for this wonderful creative weekend and also to Feltmakers North committee for planning another successful visit from talented artists.

Keep an eye out for a post this week regards this Saturdays felt-in Saturday on 16th February using Shibori techniques.


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