Sunday, 18 February 2018

Wonderful weaves

Saturday morning sun and learning how to weave with prefelts, great! Ann began with a welcome to some new attendees followed by notices regarding upcoming workshops & felt ins. 

There are two places available on the workshop with Gabriella Kovacs. This is an amazing opportunity to work with Gabriella, who is renowned for her designs and use of colour. This undoubtedly will be the highlight of our felting year. Really not to be missed!

Ann reminded all of the 'Felt Alive' exhibition in July & to start preparing our submissions. Indeed the room has been booked following each felt in in March, April & May which will facilitate this.

Show & Tell

Tina has really taken to needle felting producing this marvellous moggy. 



Karen produced made these vessels using an old jumper to add texture & interest. 


 Ann's piece of the sea.  

Lambing time! 

Pleasance is working on a pair of felted slippers.
Very comfy looking.


To begin with Helen gave an overview of the history, types, techniques and uses of woven materials. She had lots of felted samples including coasters, a snakes & ladders game, scarf, bag (courtesy of Ann), cushion cover (also courtesy of Ann) & a felt woven footstool.

With step-by-step guidance & using  last month's prefelts everyone got down to the business of making a plain tight woven heart. Although a simple pattern the trick is to ensure that the 'fingers' of felt are placed tightly together to avoid unwanted holes in the end product. Patterns were measured, prefelts cut, fitted together and stitched to hold the pattern in place. To begin with some gentle pressure encourages the prefelt fibres to start to entwine before felting. Fulling did not take long as this small project used pre felts

Woven heart results can be seen below. Such an array of colours. Lovely. Well done all. These  would make great decorations but it was noted that to use this technique in creating bags, cushions,  placemats etc that a further base felt would be required or thicker prefelts. 

Finally, a big thanks to this week's photographer, Sarah. Great job.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Saturday 17th February

Following on from making prefelt with Elaine last month, this month we shall be using your prefelts to make a woven heart 💗. Please bring along your usual wet felting equipment & the extras including scissors, tailor's chalk, scissors, dog/cat brush, ruler, needle & thread. & don't forget those prefelts!