Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bags and Bags!!

Some of the wool Elaine Mc Combe and I bagged up today for the summer workshop and sales table! In total 8 kilos, I don't think this photo does the size of the pile justice! I left the mug in to show the size better?
We have a choice of 29 different colours!!
I am really doing another post as I put the date of Agm down incorrectly in the last post, so THE AGM is 21st MAY for members only!
Hope all these lovely colours inspire you!
Fiona Harvey 

Monday, 18 April 2016

On a Roll!

Elaine McCombe took the felt in for us this month, she had brought along some of her machine knitted fabric or substrate. We had a very informative morning learning how to unravel the knitted fabric to create interesting shapes and textures within our felt!
The technique of unravelling was great to learn and made the process easier, we really caused the knitting to ladder! 
Elaine had brought along some exciting and inspiring pieces of work, which helped spark the creative juices!
                                          Elaine's vessels.
This was the knitted fabric once it had been unravelled, all ready to be incorporated into the felted sample.
Once Elaine had finished her demonstration everyone was keen to start work! The variety of work was tremendous with everyone inspiring everyone else!
Mandy (the prefelt queen) had used a few prefelts to give a structured effect!
Liz had brought some of her knitting wool, this gave a beautiful effect!
Some of the samples created during the morning!
In the show and tell Bronwen modelled her beautiful scarf that she had made with Gail on the nuno lattice scarf workshop!

Feltmakers North is definitely on a roll with yet another wonderful Felt in! There were a lot of happy felt makers leaving the village hall on Saturday!!

Now we have our Photographic competition results!!!!
Thank you to everyone who sent photos in we were delighted with the response, the committee voted on the ten finalist and the winner is....
Dawn Edwards
With this wonderful picture of Drenthe Heath sheep at Schaapskooi in Balloo Rolde.
Second place was awarded to Joanne Nordman for this lovely photo!
I will be posting some of the other entries over the next few posts!
The next event on our calendar is Dawn Edwards workshop at the beginning of May, then it is shortly followed by our AGM on 21st May, so busy times ahead.

Just before I go there is one space on the Dawn Edwards workshop on 7th and 8th May, also one space on Liz Clay workshop in July! 
Keep Felting.
Fiona Harvey