Sunday, 16 February 2014

February Flowers!

                                    Elaine Mc Combe took our felt in showing us how to make flowers. 
                         Elaine showing us how to needle felt petals on to a circle backing of the flower!
                                               Elaine cutting out petal piece from felted squares.
                     Work in progress and the new layout of tables worked well, encouraging the chat!
                                    Finished articles-plenty of different shaped and coloured flowers!
Barbara Finlay

In the afternoon we had free felting, where you can just use the room and felt what you fancy! This was well attended and a successful venture which we will have again. everyone seemed to enjoy felting in the room which is open and well let with like minded people! Next month Sarah will be taking the felt in using spun wool in felt, Sarah is an enthusiastic spinner, weaver and felt making, she is tremendous fun, so we are looking forward to another fun morning!
Applications are available for the next three workshops, watch you dont miss the closing dates!