All felters collect their own 'bag of tricks' as they become more experienced but, below lists the basic supplies you will need just to get started. Most of these you can find around the house with the exception of the wool fibres. A selection of these are available to purchase at the monthly felt-in. In addition, on our home page there are some websites listed where you can purchase other wool fibres, silks, soaps & sundries.

Wet Felting
Bubble Wrap - small bubbles
Rolling bar - a length of pipe insulation usually available from most hardware stores: pool noodles are also great: a wooden dowel (for example an old broom handle cut to size)
Soap - if possible olive oil soap as this is usually milder on skin
Towel - old hand towels are of adequate size for most felt-ins but a couple of large towels are necessary for bigger projects
Sponge/cloth - to mop up excess water
Length of plain net curtain / mosquito netting
Water-tight bag to carry your work home
Water sprayer - a bulb bauser is great but a milk container with a couple of holes pierced in the lid is great to start with
Good sized jug or container - this should be large enough to hold approx 2L of water
Wool fibres (these are available to buy at FN)
Marker pen, Scissors & measuring tape - useful but not always necessary for first time!
Fine plastic (builders protective plastic sheets) bamboo rolling mat often not necessary for first time but useful for other projects

Dry Felting/ Needle-felting
  • Piece of foam
  • Felting needles
  • A cork or holder for your needles
  • Wool fibres (these are available to buy at FN)
  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors