Wednesday, 23 November 2016

                                      Mandy Makes Merry for Christmas!!

Oh boy did the girls have some fun working on Mandy's ideas of using scrap pieces of silk and odds and ends to create lovely little decorations all in good time for the festive season.  Continuing on the theme of using silk in our feltmaking, Mandy Jackson shared some of her impressive skills and ideas at Saturday's Felt-in.

Mandy made an impressive array of little samples to inspire everyone and she had used silk hankies, silk threads and silk fabrics.  Prefelts were made and then everyone used the templates to cut out and finish their creations. 

There was plenty of time for chat and the usual fun.  Helen definitely gets into the Christmas spirit!
Some of the girls had been working on their silk hanky technique and Sharon had made herself a lovely scarf.

Some eager beavers managed to take home some finished pieces but most were happy to finish off their blanket stitching at home!

Well done everyone for creating such lovely little pieces and a special thank you to Mandy for such a good session.

My thanks also go to Ann for supplying this blog entry.