Monday, 16 April 2018

14/15th April - 3D Tower Workshop

An amazing workshop with Gabriella Kovacs assisted by Gaby McGrath & Yvonne.

The workshop began as always with a cuppa. Thanks to Mandy's diligence we were well supplied with tea & nyums. Thanks also to Deirdre's son who baked us a deliciously light Victoria sponge. (Deirdre, please ensure he knows the date of our next workshop 😃).

Thanks also to Lisburn Council who supported the workshop funding & to Deputy Mayor Hazel Legg who attended on Saturday showing a keen interest in the processes.

Gabriella had brought along some of her charming creations, such beautiful colours and intricate designs. Although it appeared quite detailed & at times a bit confusing Gabriella was a patient tutor and nothing was insurmountable. Gaby & Yvonne provided great support.

The group got down to business with the initial outlines and cutting the resists. A 'book resist' was used and this is a great transferable technique which can be used in so many 3D projects. This type of resist requires a bit more care and attention to ensure that each side is of the same thickness and the edges are sharp. The final layer is the external design including doors, windows, colours etc.

Then it is down to felting, rubbing and rolling. Once this is completed it is all about the shaping. Finally when dry it is then possible to add other embellishments such as beading, needlework etc.

Another well organised fun felt-in. Well done Feltmakers North.

Gabriella's wonderful designs
Our Chairperson Gail welcomes Gabriella & introduces her to the members.

Gabriella & Gabi McGrath

Gabriella begins to explain the design processes.
Gabriella's notes in Hungarian-English.
Templates drawn, cut and stitched to form a 'book template'.
Deirdre remaining huddled in her coat as the 1st room was rather ccccccild. Brrrrrr!
Midway through Saturday Lisburn Deputy Mayor dropped in showing a keen interest in our work. Left to right is Gabi McGrath, Gabriella Kovacs, Hazel Legg, Yvonne & Gail Cooke.
Down to work and laying the fibres.
Leah & Gabi - very focussed.
Tina's pattern. The triangular base will fold up to form the base.
Sharon's design - birds & hearts carefully cut from prefelt.
Ann getting a bit of help from Gabriella.
Sarah (enveloped in smugginess) has hers finished first & on to shaping with the wooden spoon.
Not far behind was Dympna.
The RESULTS. How fabulous are these. A number have yet to  be fully felted and embellished.
Look forward to seeing these at the next felt-in & definitely the Exhibition!

Finally Gabriella showed some of her felted jewellery. Perhaps another workshop?!


The Editor.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


Alpaca is a luxury fibre to felt with. It is gorgeously soft with hues ranging from off-white to dark chocolatey browns & curls that any hairdresser would be proud to achieve. 

If you wish to avail of alpaca fleece Elaine McCombe has details. Elaine can be contacted either via email or at any of our Felt-ins.

Thanks Elaine, this is a great opportunity to not only felt with a different fibre but also support our local farmers.

The Editor