Sunday, 26 October 2014

Infinity Nuno Scarf

On Saturday we had a workshop using the fabulous wool, silk fabric and fibres from Treetops Colour Harmonies in Australia, as you can see from the photo the colours are amazing and very inspiring!
I did wonder how to approach writing this post, as I was the tutor for the workshop, so I can hardly say it was a great workshop, without sounding big headed! So I decided to write it from the tutor side and then finish off with some comments from the evaluation sheets, to give both points of view!
Here I am giving some instruction before the work commenced, I was so engrossed than I never realised the photo had been taken! The girls in Feltmakers North are great, all so keen and interested, asking good questions which made my job easier! I could tell they were all dying to start, and get their hands on the lovely materials pack that is included in the price of the workshop! We are very lucky in that we get funding from the Island Arts Advisory Committee and the lottery fund, which makes the price of our workshops such good value. We hope this will continue,as we rely heavily on the funding!
The photo above shows my sample scarves!
Top Mary getting organised!
Deirdre decided to make a stunning scarf and quite a wide one too!

Top Gail's scarf laid out.
Gail finishing her scarf, the colours are beautiful!
Dympna wearing (slightly damp)finished scarf!
Barbara's beautiful tonal grey scarf!
Another Barbara, another fabulous scarf!

Some of the comments received after the workshop;
"Materials beautiful"
"New technique and idea for scarf which will be worn!!"
"Kit included in price was excellent!"

In conclusion all I can say is that I really enjoyed taking this workshop, the girls were a delight, and I cant wait to see the finished scarves, dry and being worn!
Next Felt in Saturday 15th November, remember to keep checking the workshop section of blog so you don't miss out!
Fiona Harvey

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Silk Paper Making.

Gail Cooke, one of the founder members of Feltmakers North, showed us how to make Silk paper! The morning was packed with information and fun, we were shown three different ways to make Silk paper, which then can be added in the felt making process! Above are some of the many samples which Gail had made to show us all the options available!
Gail gave us good instructions on how to proceed with the three methods. the room was set up with a special area for each method of silk paper making which enabled everyone to move round and have a go at each one!
Small kits had been made up by Gail, the kits included tussah silk, mulberry silk, rods, silk hankies, throwster waste, and other types of silk, so we were able to experiment using different types in our paper!
An iron was used to set the paper, the heat activates the natural glue in the fibres.
                                The wall paper paste method!
The Felt in was an informative and interesting morning of fun and friendship, which I would highly recommend!
In the afternoon we had free felting and some of us carried on making more silk paper, while others used the chance of the big tables and laid out scarves. The afternoon was lovely and relaxed with the opportunity to browse through felting books people had brought along!
We will be at Wallace School Craft 
fair on Saturday 15th November, however we will still be having our Felt in that morning at Hillsborough Village Centre. Dympna Curran will be making Christmas Felt!! 
I look forward to seeing you all soon at Feltmakers North!
Fiona Harvey

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

October Felt in

Beautiful Ram, which has nothing to do with today's post but I just thought you might like this photo!? I love it!

October's Felt in is on this Saturday, Gail Cooke will be showing us different ways of making silk paper, which can be added to our felt with stunning results. It proves to be a very interesting and informative morning, as we will shown three different methods. There will be packs of silk fibres available to buy at £6 a bag, but if you have silk fibres, or rods etc bring them along, and you can use them. If you have never used silk paper in your felt you are in for a treat, this is an eye opening morning and not to be missed! You will not need a felting kit for the morning, however if you are staying for the free felting in the afternoon you will need your kit for then!

The free felting in the afternoon is the opportunity to felt whatever you like in the company of like minded creative people, while having a good old chat! Its very casual but fun, so hope to see you there!

We will be having our Show and Tell so please bring along what you have made recently, we love seeing what everyone has made! 

Also if you would like to try and sell some of your felted items bring them and give them to Deirdre who will be manning our stand, Wallace High School Craft Fair in November. 

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday at 10.15am!
Fiona Harvey