Tuesday, 19 March 2013

In a Spin!

Sarah Jarden delighted us with her knowledge and skill for our March Felt in. (above some of Sarah's lovely hand spun wool!) Sarah started by showing us various methods of carding wool, including using a small dog brush, she did advice us to have a piece of leather over our knee as getting your leg carded is a very painful process!
Sarah showed us how to load our carders, and then demonstrated the process of carding old matted wool, and transform it back to lovely soft felting wool.
I think two of Sarah's best tips were; don't over load your carders, and be very gentle as the carders barely touch each other. This was a great help to me as I had always found it quite hard work to hard card and after Sarah instruction it seemed much easier.

This is Sarah carding a fleece that has been dyed, it was in a more natural stage and had curls still visible!

Carding that blends colours together. Now it was our turn to have a go, the room went very quiet(this is unheard of?!)  as everyone was concentrating on placing their carders in the right position!
Fiona (Me) using the drum carder!

Our morning of new knowledge and techniques was not over! Sarah showed us a very clever way that we could all make our own spinners out of kebabs sticks and a few plaiting bands. This was so much fun, quite challenging, but we all enjoyed the craic, as I don't think any of us were naturals, however under Sarah's guidance we got there in the end!
Then the morning of fun, friendship and learning came to an end, the time had flown in.
A Big Thank you to Sarah.

There is a very busy time ahead for Feltmakers North over the next few weeks, First of all our exhibition of members work opens in The Island Arts Centre, Lisburn opening night Wednesday 10th April approx. 7pm then it is open until 30th April, so we hope lots of people will pop in and have a look at the progress we have made in such a short time, as we are going less than 3years.

Feltmakers North will also have a stand at The Creative Stitch Show in the Kings hall Belfast, from 18th -20th April Thursday 10am- 8pm Friday and Saturday 10am -5pm if you check out their web site we are also running workshops daily at 4pm but you need to contact www.sccshows.co.uk

Our April Felt in is on the 20th April as usual in Hillsborough Village Hall, and Ann and Barbara will be showing us how to make felt pens, another fun filled morning to look forward too,

Please leave a comment in the bow below we would love to hear from you.
Hope everyone has a good Easter.
Fiona Harvey

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wall Hangings with Maria.

Maria started her workshop by showing us some of her lovely work, which was very inspirational, this is a view of the countryside near where Maria lives, the colours of the hills were beautiful!
Maria had a great variety of styles in her designs to show, and they were an interesting insight into what can be achieved.
 Beneficial lessons were given on the mechanics for hanging the wall hangings once completed.                                              
                        Two of the ladies selecting their colours for their design!
                                          A few of the pieces at the end of the day! Everyone went home very pleased with what they had learnt and produced!  
       Next Saturday Feltmakers North  is holding its usual Felt in and we are learning how to card wool with Sarah, so bring along your old wool and your carders if you have some!
Also a reminder to those of you who are not members that there is an exhibition of members work opening in the Island Arts Centre, Lisburn  on the 11th April, 2013 and the exhibition will run until the end of April. We hope you will call in and have a look, all the work has been made by members since joining Feltmakers North!