Monday, 22 September 2014

Friendship Blanket

On Saturday we had two tutors showing us how to make beautiful squares for our charity Friendship Blanket. The tutors were Barbara Finlay and Ann Mc Cullough, so there was double the fun!
Above is a blanket I made to illustrate what we had in mind, I used sample squares that I had made plus a few extra squares, using up old wool which I had carded and odd bits and pieces of wool.
The Felt in started with show and tell, and it was great to see what had been produced over the summer months!
Leah O Neill showing us her wrap from the Nicola Brown workshop
Ann McCullough with her lovely bright scarf, which is as light as a feather, but very cosy!
Jane Burgess who was very pleased with her gorgeous vessel.
Barbara Finlay showed us a scarf that she had changed in to two bags and a little decorative mat, while putting her feet up over the summer.
Barbara enjoyed adding the decoration to this piece of felt!

Gail Cooke gave us a very informative demonstration on the FN carder, and it was great to see the colours being blended and old wool being brought back to life!
The carder will be available on request each month, for people to use! Then the production of the felt squares started, with every colour being used, which is just what we wanted. We hope everyone will bring them next month and a few more they have made in between times. Ann was telling me she had worked out we need 30 for each blanket, so with everyone pulling together it will take no time to produce quite a few beautiful blankets! We hope this to be an ongoing item for a few months. 
Great colours!

Some prefelts being used!
At the end of the Felt in some fantastic squares, and a great way to spend the morning!
Next Felt in October we are making silk paper, which then you add to your felt which is gives a really wow effect, details to follow!
The application forms will be out for the Jeannette Sendler on 7/8th October remember its first come first served!
Keep making your squares and bring them with you next month, we need lots so dont think yours isnt good enough it is!
See you in October!
Fiona Harvey

Monday, 15 September 2014

September Felt-in!

Next Saturday is our first Autumn Felt in, this felt in will suit people of all abilities as we are having two tutors. We will be making squares for our friendship blankets, which we hope will raise money for The Simon Community, in Lisburn. It is a great chance to use up all your odds and ends of wool to produce colourful, cheerful squares! The FN carder will be available to bring back to life your old matted wool!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone and seeing what has been created over the summer. So dont forget to bring along some items for the show and tell!
Saturday 20th Sept 10.15 at Hillsborough Village Centre!