Monday, 28 July 2014

Nuno Felting with Tumble drier!

 Nicola Brown came to Feltmakers North and inspired and taught us some new techniques! Our first workshop with Nicola was making a nuno scarf. At the start of the day we had an introduction to the technique, and we all couldnt wait to get started! Nicola had brought some of her wraps and scarves, which helped us visualise the end product. 
Decisions being made as to what size and shape the final piece would be!
Laying out the fibres.
Now girls less chat and more work!
This wrap is going to have a pattern on both sides, so the pattern goes down then the silk is laid on top.
Nicola Brown and Jayne enjoying the day!
Barbara getting help to put her net on top.
Fiona rolling some fibres to add as decoration.
Looking good.
Lovely colours.
Stretching a silk hankie to add texture to Leah's design.

Some of the finished scarves being modelled by there makers, after they had been finished in the tumble drier!
We had tremendous fun learning from Nicola, who is a very generous and knowledgeable tutor. I will post the photos and info for the second workshop next week so watch for more great photos!
I would like to thank Dympna and Gail for taking photos for me, it was such a help as it meant I could keep working at my felt!
Fiona Harvey

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jumping for JOY!!

We are delighted to welcome Nicola Brown of Clasheen back to Feltmakers North. The first workshop is on Friday and we will be making a nuno wrap using a tumble drier, on Saturday the topic is simple vessel or clutch!!
There will be another post next week with all the news and photos!
Fiona Harvey