Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lots of Biz!!

Gabi McGrath hungarian felting using traditional patterns and colours.

Another lovely workshop took place on Saturday 5th November, this time by Hungarian born Gabi Mc Grath. To commence we were given a brief insight into felting in Turkmenistan, how it is used for rug making and actual houses for the tribes. We looked at traditional designs and patterns and had fun trying to copy and personalise our own design for the small rug we were about to make. We mostly used the curly motif depicting the horns of the ram. We used hungarian wool and under Gabi's supervision transferred our designs outlining the pattern with thin strands of wool-then filling in using chunky pieces.

                                            Liz transferring her pattern onto a piece of fine cotton.

We incorporated several traditions in our rugs- the use of small bit of camel wool for luck! When applying water to the wool we used a type of fanned fork of branches to sprinkle, this was also a type of good luck!
                                            Below Gabi, demonstrating the edge stage.

An interesting method of rolling took place-all our rugs were placed side by side and rolled up inside one large woven mat. this was tied up, then rolled between pairs of people, so easing the workload.

We had a lovely "taster" into felting from another country, as well as ending up with a beautiful mini rug. A big thank you to Gabi for sharing her knowledge with us and hope she will join us again.
 By Marguerita Mc Clean.

Feltmakers Ireland have launched a book hilighting feltmakers in Ireland, and Feltmakers North are very proud that three of are members have work included in this lovely publication. If anyone would like a copy they are 15 euros and available from Feltmakers Ireland!

Gails selection of felted pen she had made to inspire us all!

November's felt in was taken by Gail Cooke and her topic was felted pens!! We had a good turn out and the craic was mighty, after being fortified with a welcome cup of coffee, we all set about making  many variations of a theme. It is always interesting to see different peoples colour choice. 

Jenny on her second pen!

Under the very good instruction and supervision of Gail everyone had a very successful and productive morning. There was tremendous curling,  twisting. and manipulation to create different shapes to the end of the pens, there was also plenty of laughing!! A very good morning was had by all, and some stocking fillers were made.

Feltmakers North is holding an exhibition of members work in The Island Arts Centre, Lisburn at the end of 2012, we hope each member will exhibit three of four pieces. It is a great opportunity to showcase the art involved in felt making and talent of  the members of Feltmakers North. The title of the exhibion will be released in the next blog post! For those of you who are not exhibiting there will be invition to the opening night of the exhibition when you will be able to see and hopefully be inspired by the work on show!

Hat Workshop
There are details on the hat workshop which is taking place in February in the "workshop" section of the blog and details of how to receive an application form! Next month there will be details on the Elizabeth Bonnar nuno workshop in March 2012!! So many exciting things coming up!

For those of you who enjoy looking at felt making on the internet check out they have just posted there 2011 exhibition. For the last three years they have taken a section of the colour wheel and asked people to felt using the said colours and then send in there photos, they are from all over the world and I must say I find the work very inspiring! Cynthia Reynolds and Elis Vermeulen who organise Feltunited do it to promote feltmaking world wide and to link like minded people around the world!

I couldnt resist including this wee pet, who I have named The Strawberry Elf!! How cute!

I think I have brought you up to date with all that is happening in Feltmakers North but keep checking the blog for the latest news! We hope to see a really good turn out at our Christmas Felt in, forget Christmas shopping come and have a little quiet relaxing ME time. December 17th 10.15-12.30 Hillsborough Village Centre! So like they say ( used to say I'm may be showing my age here!!) in all good cartoons That's all from me folks!!
Fiona Harvey.