Sunday, 22 January 2017

Gossamer Cobwebs!!

Sarah's little cobweb creation
Our January Felt-in was led by Gail and we had a great morning learning about making cobweb felt from a single length of wool roving.   It was so good to see old faces as well as new as we began the new year with a brand new technique.

Johanne checks out one of Gail's sample pieces

Our session began with show n tell but alas only Bronwyn and Sarah had something to show so hopefully everyone will be inspired to get felting again in January!

Bronwyn's beautiful scarf

Gail explains about cobweb as an embellishment

Helen and Alwyn with Gail's scarf

The girls got the hang of things pretty quickly and applied themselves to spreading fibres very finely!! 

None of us would be happy without a little bit of sparkle and the final lays all had a little bit of that something special to enhance
Jane happy experimenting
Norma trying out Firestar

No one seemed to mind the usual tedium of rolling if the smiles are anything to go by!

The cobweb begins to take its final shape and form during the stretching process and it was lovely to see the delight on faces as the fine webs begin to appear

Gail offers a helping hand!

The final pieces attest to a good morning's work and it'll be great to see if anyone is inspired enough to create their own masterpiece!

Any ideas?
Not sure what I'm doing here but Ann may be able to tell me as she took all our photos today and a big thank you to her.  Think Deirdre enjoyed it anyway!