Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Party

Our Felt in got off to a really good start with a lovely complimentary lunch, which included lots of yummy Christmas goodies!
Dorothy kept the day feeling very relaxing and stress free, she showed us how to make a broach using a piece of felt we had made earlier and a piece of Zip!
Dorothy had lots of samples to inspire us.
Dorothy's demonstration piece.
Denise had tacked her zip piece in place and then proceeded to needle felt the design.
Lesley was enjoying herself so much she didn't see the time go in and couldn't believe it was time for home at the end of the session!
Vicki finishing of the edge of her broach.
Some of the finished and nearly finished broaches, as usual a great variety of colours and patterns.
A very pretty broach made by Mandy!

So that is another calendar year over but we will be back in January with a Felt in on using marbles or beads to create bumps in felt. If you would like to stay for the extended felt in apply to Ann our workshop secretary, names will be pulled from a hat if workshop is over subscribed! (see felt in /workshop section of blog) To come to the extended felt in you have to apply, you cannot stay on after the felt in! 
In January there will be an update of our programme for the coming year, with some exciting workshops near Easter and lots of fun with felt at our monthly Felt ins! 
So all that remains for me to say is Happy Christmas to everyone and I hope you all have a healthy and happy New Year!

Fiona Harvey

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Felt in

I kept this photograph especially for this post, isnt it brilliant?! This is Sarah's Santa that she made last month with Cherri, this is her first attempt at needle felting!!!
 I just thought I would remind you that our meeting this month is on Saturday 14th December starting at 1pm with a light lunch and then felting a broach with Dorothy in the afternoon! If you are able to join us make sure you email me to let me know so as we cater for the right amount of people!
See you Saturday 14th!
Fiona Harvey