Monday, 27 August 2018

SURFACE EMBOSSING - with Wendy Bailye

What an amazing workshop with Wendy Bailye. As many of you know Wendy lives & works in Australia creating beautifully artistic felt pieces. Thanks to the Committee who have been planning this visit for a couple of years & it was definitely worth the wait. 

Wendy is a skilled tutor and Saturday morning began with a discussion regarding processes, designs & techniques employed. The colour palette was restricted primarily to black and white. Initially this seemed rather daunting however, by limiting colour choice the mind was really able to focus on technique. As the day moved on attendees were able to toy with a variety of ideas and work on small samples using a plethora of materials including not just silk paj, georgettes, chiffons, but also cottons, linens, wools, velvet,  organza, ribbon etc. Even string! And this produced some surprisingly effective textures. Cotton batting and Vilene were among the mediums used to produce shape, depth and interest. 

The use of cotton batting was a first for many and undoubtedly this will be added to their basic stash. Indeed a few industrious folk went home on Saturday & prepared their batting for Sunday's session. The rain on Sunday did not dampen spirits as everyone quickly got down to business. Some focused on furthering their sampler work whilst others created longer pieces such as scarves. 

Wendy gave helpful tips on how to neaten corners, edges, making longer pieces with limited table space, free embroidery to add interest and 'polish' the finished piece with an old bag!

The limited colour palette did nothing to hinder the design process and can be seen in the pics below. Sharon perhaps created the most intricate design. Deirdre used resists to create slashes, Joan used a variety of fabrics some worked others perhaps not so well (but this was good learning for all). Mandy the little minx brought along permanent markers & drew on white cotton to produce some really interesting patterns. First to finish was Fiona-the-gnat(!). Although as we all know she should be in the naughty corner for her illegal use of colour. Very bold indeed. 

Thanks again to the Committee for yet another successful weekend workshop.  Thanks to Wendy for coming a long long way to share her skills and knowledge. On behalf of Feltmakers North our thanks to Lisburn & Castlereagh Council for help with funding and to Uel Mackin, Lord Mayor & his wife for their interest and attendance on Saturday morning. As always, big thanks to the ladies who keep us supplied with tea, coffee & goodies and who top up our soapy water and mop up spillages - Mary Walker & Pleasaunce Perry.

It will be great to see the finished articles so please remember to bring these to our September Felt-in. 

This is my last blog (& Facebook post) as I shall be undertaking some other Committee responsibilities. No more horrendous hyperbole, mixed metaphors, dubious links, funky 'fotos' for yousins but I do hope you have enjoyed my blurbs. Mandy will continue providing info and updates on the blog, Facebook and as you know she has already set up instagram for Feltmakers North. 

I'm looking forward to assisting Elaine our Secretary and undertaking the sales table. This year Feltmakers North will be focussing on using a few different wool fibres & I have some of these for our table in September. There will be a selection of, not just merino but also shetland, corriedale, perendale batting, and some new fibre mixes, 'taster' bags of sari silk (a little goes a long way), exciting colour blends, and the usual bauser bulbs, soaps etc. If there are any special requests let me know.

And so to the pics.........
Gail with Uel Mackin (Lord Mayor, Lisburn & Castlereigh Council) & Wendy Bailye
Wilma getting down to business
Gail telling Fiona to get back to her own table!
Joan's samples
Our very own smiler, Deirdre
A very focussed Mandy with some great samplers
Jacki Sleator - a local fabulously talented felter. Hope to see you again Jacki.
Mandy taking a breather

What can I say....... the most undeniably hardworking, superbly talented,  greatest felter, blogger, now sales-y person, Helen :-)
Elaine's gorgeous lay
Top marks to Sharon's intricate pattern
Sharon trying to decide whether she should add some stitches to create definition - but remember Sharon you have yet to finish sewing your minaret!!!
Ann having too much fun

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Fiona getting some help (again) from Wendy before dashing off
Some dubious jokes on 50 shades of grey!
Fiona - you should be standing IN the corner for your unparalelled abuse of colour

A great day with a great group of ladies
& finally the perfect look for all those felted fish with wonky eyes!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

LOVELY LADIES at Yarnfolk Festival

Lots of thanks to the lovely ladies, Gail, Sarah, Mandy & Pleasaunce for manning the table at Yarnfolk Festival today. There were some beautiful items for sale & bracelets to be made for anyone interested in wet felting. 

Feltmakers North secured a great table located at the entrance of the main venue resulting in a high footfall and lots of interest. Undoubtedly some more folks shall be joining us in September.

All those eagle-eyed folks may have noticed in the pic we have a new freestanding banner. This roller banner will help promote Feltmakers North & felting. As we all know Felt is a very tactile art and thus, it has been designed with an area where some of our felted work can be easily attached. Thank you to Gail, Mandy & Helen who worked with Jacqueline Boyd to achieve this unique design. 

Our next thrilling workshop is with Wendy Bailye on 25 & 26th August, The Art of Surface Embossing. Undoubtedly those attending are gathering up their stash, getting excited & preparing to unleash that inner creativity. Remember to bring your samples & finished article to our September felt-in & of course have a great weekend.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Felt Alive Exhibition & Meet the Maker Session 2

19th July 2018 - 'Meet the Maker'

Thanks to Gail & Jayne (Burgess) who hosted two very busy 'Meet the Maker' sessions at the Loft Gallery today. Some 13 ladies attended these sessions which focussed on an introduction to wet felting. Although a rather compact space in which to wet felt, attendees managed to produce some beautifully marbled felt which were subsequently fashioned into flowers. Well done all.

The Felt Alive Exhibition concludes this weekend so there a few days left to view  the beautiful art created by the Guild.