Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Take a Nosey!

Take a look at our diary dates there are some interesting workshops coming up, so get the dates written in your diary!

Next Felt in is June 18th with Dympna who is showing us how to use a resist, should be a fun morning, hope you can all make it!

Summer love, what a cute photo I couldn't resist sharing this with you!
Fiona Harvey

Sunday, 22 May 2016

6th AGM

Our sixth AGM was a well attended event, we got through all the business in a fun and relaxed manner. Then the members of Feltmakers North were provided with a talk from two delightful daughters of the Silk Road. Ranee Gai-ail (Gail Cooke) and Ranee Fee-onah (Fiona Harvey) of the princely state of Lis-buhrn, dressed in beautiful silk saris, who spoke on the fascinating subject of that most luxurious of materials- silk.
 Gail and Fiona showed us the silk cocoons and gave everyone their very own to take home. I have put mine in the green house to develop my very own silk farm!(Not really!!) We were made aware of silk farms and the ethical silk production.
Later in the talk Gail and Fiona explained how the silk we use in feltmaking can be bought in various forms, cocoons, rods, throwster waste, rovings, hankies, chiffon, gauze yarn and a myriad of other products.
The girls handed round plenty of samples, we looked and handled, examples and samples showing how the silk can be used to enhance and decorate our felts.There were so many varied examples of silk materials used to strengthen our felts and provide a delicacy and drape not possible using wool, all present were excited. There were plenty of samples to ooh and ahh over.
Pulling out a silk hankie!

Knowledge was passed unstintingly from the two ladies to us, their enthusiasm for this wondrous material and deep understanding of its properties encouraging us all to think how we might use this luxury fibre to best effect  in our own feltmaking!
Thanks ladies for a fun and informative talk AND for selling the saris afterwards!!

Sarah Jarden

My thanks to Sarah for writing this very amusing account of our AGM and also for taking loads of photos of the day!! After the talk we had our usual lunch and a good old chat, it was great to catch up with everyone. Here are a few more photos.

As requested by Mandy and Lesley my dog Pudding wearing her coat! (Not a good photo she was being a bit of a diva and wouldn't pose!)
Websites that were mentioned in talk

Please remember we haven't finished for the summer we still have another Felt in on 18th June taken by Dympna on using a resist. Happy felting.
Fiona Harvey 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Dawn Edwards workshop

Hello everyone! I am just wondering how I am going to condense all I want to say about this workshop, as there is so much to tell! Those of you who know Dawn will know what I am talking about, Dawn Edwards is a wonderful tutor and person. We had such fun learning from her, with such a lovely relaxed and calm atmosphere!
Before the workshop started I presented her with her prize for our photographic competition!
Of course it was a sheep!
After an informative demonstration, we were all dying to get started, so we selected our wool and prepared our resists!
 Laying out the fibres.
Dorothy was almost submerged under a pile of fibre at one point, but survived and produced a beautiful vessel!
Leah working hard!
As with every group, we have some colourful characters and this is reflected in their work! I wonder can our members work out who made this one??
Hard at work!
Of course a wee coffee break was important!
The completed pieces lined up!
Elaine Mc Combe made this fabulous swirl design on her vessel.

A very happy, creative and fun bunch of felt makers!
Happy Chairperson Ann McCullough at the end of an extremely successful workshop with Dawn Edwards.

Just a wee quick reminder about our AGM which is on Saturday 21st May, for all the members, we will get through the business asap then there will be a talk on Silk by Gail Cooke and Fiona Harvey. Lunch is included and we will also have our first bring and buy!! So you will be able to stock up on the must needs for felting !!

Look forward to seeing you all there!
Fiona Harvey

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bags and Bags!!

Some of the wool Elaine Mc Combe and I bagged up today for the summer workshop and sales table! In total 8 kilos, I don't think this photo does the size of the pile justice! I left the mug in to show the size better?
We have a choice of 29 different colours!!
I am really doing another post as I put the date of Agm down incorrectly in the last post, so THE AGM is 21st MAY for members only!
Hope all these lovely colours inspire you!
Fiona Harvey 

Monday, 18 April 2016

On a Roll!

Elaine McCombe took the felt in for us this month, she had brought along some of her machine knitted fabric or substrate. We had a very informative morning learning how to unravel the knitted fabric to create interesting shapes and textures within our felt!
The technique of unravelling was great to learn and made the process easier, we really caused the knitting to ladder! 
Elaine had brought along some exciting and inspiring pieces of work, which helped spark the creative juices!
                                          Elaine's vessels.
This was the knitted fabric once it had been unravelled, all ready to be incorporated into the felted sample.
Once Elaine had finished her demonstration everyone was keen to start work! The variety of work was tremendous with everyone inspiring everyone else!
Mandy (the prefelt queen) had used a few prefelts to give a structured effect!
Liz had brought some of her knitting wool, this gave a beautiful effect!
Some of the samples created during the morning!
In the show and tell Bronwen modelled her beautiful scarf that she had made with Gail on the nuno lattice scarf workshop!

Feltmakers North is definitely on a roll with yet another wonderful Felt in! There were a lot of happy felt makers leaving the village hall on Saturday!!

Now we have our Photographic competition results!!!!
Thank you to everyone who sent photos in we were delighted with the response, the committee voted on the ten finalist and the winner is....
Dawn Edwards
With this wonderful picture of Drenthe Heath sheep at Schaapskooi in Balloo Rolde.
Second place was awarded to Joanne Nordman for this lovely photo!
I will be posting some of the other entries over the next few posts!
The next event on our calendar is Dawn Edwards workshop at the beginning of May, then it is shortly followed by our AGM on 21st May, so busy times ahead.

Just before I go there is one space on the Dawn Edwards workshop on 7th and 8th May, also one space on Liz Clay workshop in July! 
Keep Felting.
Fiona Harvey

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Another Great Morning with Dorothy!

It was a chilly but pleasant day last day of winter and 25 of us gathered at the village hall in Hillsborough for some felting fun! This month, our own Dorothy Dinsmore was showing us how to make ropes and spikes. The ever inspirational Dorothy brought in many beautiful samples to show us the techniques. But first the Show and Tell.

Many members of the group attended Gail's recent lattice scarf workshop so there were some lovely examples to show everyone.Those who did not attend the workshop were so impressed that there were several requests for Gail to do this workshop again! Other items for the show and tell included Sarah's lovely spun wool from Portland breed that is unsuitable for felting, but spins beautifully.
Barbara's scarf from Gail's workshop!

There was also a silk hanky scarf made by Dympna. Ann McCullough modelled a scarf made by Dorothy. Gail also showed us the pieces that she made at an eco dying workshop in Dublin recently.
                                   Lots of talent on display!

Dorothy gave us a demonstration of how to make cords and spikes and we all set to work using our favourite colours and wools. The end result was a variety of items from long cords that could be used as necklaces to spiky samples. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I am sure they were inspired to add spikes and cords to their future work.

Elaine spoke briefly about the session next month, which will involve a knitted substrate. We are all intrigued to find out more.
Jane Fox.

Thank you Jane for doing the write up on the Felt in I was very sorry to have missed it! 
The application forms are now out for the Liz Clay workshop in July, so if you didn't receive one and would like one email at feltmakersnorth@gmail.
Cute wee local sheep and lambs!
Although this Mum was a bit cross with me and was stamping her foot, I think she was camera shy!

Finally we got a mention on the famous nuno felting website Nuno felted designs by Nancy E Schwab, which was lovely I love her blog too, packed with information and great tips! 

See you all at April felt in and remember this is your last chance to enter our Sheep photographic competition, the finalist photographs will be used on the blog in the coming months. 

Happy Felting!
Fiona Harvey