Saturday, 20 January 2018


Today's flowers on prefelt

What a great morning everyone had under Elaine's watchful eye as she introduced the concept of prefelt, how to make it and even better how to use it!  She had brought along lots of sample pieces of the different prefelt weights and finished articles using prefelt which of course made it all much easier to grasp.  She'd even brought along some commercial prefelt in different weights and it was great to see the difference amongst them all.

Elaine's chess board and other pieces made from prefelt


a constellation by Elaine

There was a great crowd this morning and even some new faces for our first session of 2018 and the girls had lots to show with a super cuddly old sheep who I have named Eric made by Margaret (alas no photo but keep watching this space!)   We saw some felted vessels from the Improving Skills workshop last Saturday made from Shetland wools and the sample pieces with various wools and embellishments were testament to the work everyone put in then.

Elaine demonstrated how to make the prefelt and gave everyone a very useful tip of placing fine plastic between the two different colours and rolling together to speed up the process. 
Girls get busy and down to action

Everyone got busy making their two pieces of prefelt using some lovely colour combinations and some got very sophisticated (Bronwyn!) and decided to use the carder -  with Dympna's help, to create a beautiful field of green.  

We then moved on to using a piece of prefelt to make a felted flower with some inspirational results.

We will be using the prefelt at next month's Felt-in when Helen will be demonstrating how to weave with our prefelt.

It was a lovely start to the new year and hopefully everyone will be busy now thinking about their exhibition pieces for the 'Felt Alive' exhibition in Portaferry during July.  And also preparing for our next workshop with Gabriella Kovacs in March - busy time!!

I'm going to share a few other photos of today for you to see what a good day we all had and that was only the morning.  About 12 girls stayed on for the free felting session in the afternoon and I'm looking forward to seeing what they did.

So long for now, Helen will be back soon, cheers from Gail

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Saturday 13 January

'Great workshop. . . . Trainers well prepared and helpful. . . . . .Brilliant. . . . .Loved the opportunity to experiment'

Just some of the really positive comments from the girls who attended our workshop at the Village Centre.  It was great to see lots of new faces and some old hands revisiting their felting skills under the excellent tutelage of Ann McCullough and Jayne Burgess.

Norma concentrating

Pleasaunce experimenting

The girls were introduced to different sheep breeds and qualities of wool and were encouraged to try out the wools for themselves.   'Loved the opportunity to experiment with different breeds of wool and learning what each type of wool is best suited to'.   This comment sums up the earlier part of the workshop before moving on to spend a little time learning about incorporating wool with fine fabrics.

Samples of nuno felt

Jayne explained the process and demonstrated the various edges which could be achieved simply by laying the wool in different directions.

 When it came to making a vessel Ann had lots of samples to demonstrate shape and form and how different shades of wool can be used to create combinations of depth and hue.  She also included a couple of deliberate mistakes to highlight  the pitfalls of working with a resist and not concentrating!

Karen and Ann

Ann's samples

The time flew by and while the girls took home a lot of samples they also took home some homework!  We are looking forward to seeing lots of lovely vessels in the coming weeks as everyone finds time to complete their project!

'Very enjoyable and informative, Ann and Jayne extremely helpful. . . . trainers well prepared and helpful. . . . . could have done with extra time for last project. . . . .probably would have liked a little more time. . . really enjoyed learning new skills especially making of vessel. . . . great refresher course. . . was great, packed so much in'.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the course for all your positive comments.  It's lovely to get such great feedback for the tutors and also for the committee and helps us plan for even better workshops.

Thanks to Ann and Jayne again and also to Tina for being a great helper and photographer!  Here are a few more shots of the day.

Don't forget this Saturday, 20 January is the first Felt-in of 2018 and Elaine will be telling us all about prefelts and how to use them.

We are beginning at 10.00am to give us lots of time for Show n Tell etc before the felting fun begins!!

Take care and happy felting from Gail  (standing in for Helen as she's off enjoying a big holiday!)

Sunday, 31 December 2017



2018 - a fabulous year for our members with an exciting programme, workshops & felt designers. 

Beginning with the Improving Skills workshop on the 13th. A felt-in on the 20th led by Elaine when she will be exploring prefelt & prefelting with you. This is followed by a free-felting afternoon. A busy opening month. 

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

A few more pics from Saturday

FELT IN 16th December

What a festive felt in with Christmas music, jumpers, earrings, hats, glasses and even antlers.

To begin with Gail reminded all of the great workshops arranged for the new year. In January "Improving skills" should not be missed particularly if you have not been felting long. This will introduce & review many techniques required to produce even more beautiful felt work. There are only a couple of places left so send forms to Jayne asap.

The next felt session is 20/01/2018 & will be looking at pre-felts. This will be followed by a felting afternoon. As always, this provides an opportunity to work on a larger piece or even just finish a current project.

In the New Year Jayne will email application forms for the March workshop with Gabriella Kovacs & Gabi McGrath joining her to assist. Two well known and amazingly talented felters, we are so lucky.

Over the coming months we are reminded to think about pieces to submit for the next exhibition with a working title of 'Felt Alive'. The committee have worked hard to put an exciting programme on for 2018 so please avail of the sessions to support the group and improve your skills.

Committee work never ends
Jane manning the busy sales table.

Mandy & Dorothy managing the very successful Bring & Buy table

At our felt in this morning Sara talked about natural fleeces from sheep found around the UK. Advising which felted well or otherwise. In addition Sara brought samples of various fleeces. Indeed the only thing missing was Sara's sheep 🐑 (Baaaaad girl). Sara talked through the process from shearing to forming batts, roving, pencil roving and how to 'ping' a single lock to determine if the sheep was healthy. 

Sara continued with laying and felting the basis of a name badge & instructing our feltees which can be seen below. 

Then we went on to enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch supplied by Feltmakers North. Thank you Ann for collecting this and to those helping to set up including our tea ladies which keeps us all caffeinated. 

This is our last felt in of the year so a Merry Christmas to you & yours & best wishes for 2018. To paraphrase the late great Brucie ......... keeeeeeeeeep felting! 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


What a treat this Saturday will be. So much happening.

First we have Sara Foster Jardin taking the Felt-in with a focus on creating name badges, so needed by both new & longstanding members. In advance, thank you Sara as I am dreadful at remembering names!

So get out your kit & some extra bits to adorn & spice up your work.

The sales table will of course be managed by Jane who again has some great wintery colours in the stash. 

In addition, there will be the opportunity for everyone to sell/purchase some items. If you have any felty items you wish to sell please mark clearly with your name & price and give to either Mandy or Helen who will be managing this table after the felt-in. Items can be anything associated with felting whether it is a piece of your work, roving, silks, yarns, equipment, books etc. This is a great opportunity to clear out your drawers leaving room for your new year stash :)

Our annual Christmas lunch will follow with lots of goodies & more time to chat & browse the sales. 

& finally don't forget to dig out those christmas hats, glitzy jumpers & sparkly earrings.