Thursday, 19 October 2017


Good evening fellow feltees. 

Just a quick reminder regarding this Saturday's morning session which shall be led by Gail. Elaine has already emailed the extras required so I hope you have been gathering your orange & lemon net bags, laces, meshes & open weave fabrics. 

There will be a free felt-in in the afternoon. This is always a great opportunity to work on your own projects requiring lots of room and a large table but also a good time to finish those projects that have been sitting around the house (I'm sure everyone has a least 1 or 2 of these!).  Remember to bring your lunch if you are staying.

Jane is back & will have the sales table set up with those lovely autumnal colours she managed to purchase along with some silks, ball bausers, soaps etc.

We will also have a further sales table in the foyer. Although this table will not be 'manned' it is an opportunity to for individuals to sell some of their own work. Please note that any items for sale must be clearly marked with your name & price. The Centre will collect money from sales & has requested 10% commission from these sales. 

See you all on Saturday for some fun with lovely laces, nifty nets, marvellous meshes, wicked weaves & winsome wools :-) 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

WORKSHOP with Gabi McGrath 7 & 8th October

What a wonderful workshop we attended at the weekend. Participants were guided through making a beautiful felted bag and then adding leather by the very skilled and generous tutor Gabi McGrath. 

The first day saw us make our bags using Cushendale wool - a mixture of New Zealand and Galway wools. Batts were laid out over a variety of resist shapes and we rubbed and rolled until all bags were ready for drying. 

Day two concentrated on designing leather embellishment using designs provided by Gabi.  We  were taught how to sew the leather onto the bags using a variety of stitches and threads. Gabi also showed us how to make leather buttons - toggle and bellybutton shapes, leather button loops and handles using 4 strands of leather to produce a circular platt.  Gabi's friend Yvonne was wonderful - she helped us all in manyways.Pulling bags into shape, helping with techniques and she was always on hand with teas, coffees and water!

Dorthy decided on Saturday that she would stay over at Ann's on Saturday night but realised on Sunday that  she needed her medication. Thus devoted husband Sam arrived to save the day!

We were delighted to have the Lord Mayor of LCCC (Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council) call into the workshop. We are very grateful to LCCC for their continual support in 
providing funding for this workshop. 

We all went off home to complete our bags which we will show at the next felt in on 21st October.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

September starts a new felting year

Saturday saw the start of another felting year. Our Chairperson, Gail opened the Felt-in welcoming back old familiar faces & some new faces too. In addition, Gail thanked members for their hard work & contributions to a very successful exhibition as part of August Craft Month and advised that the Guild has been invited to exhibit at the Loft in Portaferry. Further details will follow but another fabulous opportunity to display our work & raise our profile. Get your thinking caps on and rollers at the ready to create some exciting new pieces for the Loft. 

It was a busy morning with membership forms & fees being submitted to Ann & Mandy. For those of you who have not yet submitted your form please either forward to Anne or bring along to next felt in. Remember that one of the benefits of membership is priority booking for workshops & permits attendance at the afternoon felt-ins.

Gail launched the Programme of events for 2017/18. This is on the blog site under the heading 'Diary of Events'. This is one of our most exciting programmes to date with morning felt-ins led by our own skilled members together with workshops with renowned felters such as Gabi McGrath, Gabriella Kovacs, Wendy Bailye and our very own 'Doyenne', Dorothy Dinsmore. Early booking will be necessary to secure your place. Furthermore, there are three afternoon free felt-in sessions where you will be able to bring along your own projects to work on. Please remember these are not formal teaching sessions but are opportunities to begin/finish projects in a relaxed setting with long tables. Remember to bring your lunch along. 


Some great work was produced over the summer at both the workshops & at home.

Karen with her beautiful vessel crafted at Gail's workshop. The simple spiral design is very effective.
Norma had a challenging day at Ann's scarf workshop but persevered at home to create a unique wool & silk scarf.

Olwyn's autumnal colours of her wool & silk scarf also from Ann's workshop. & doesn't her jumper go so well!

Now everything gets a bit fishy........
Puffer fish workshop. So cute.

What did one puffer fish say to another puffer fish?
I'm feeling rather bloated right now!
What do you call a puffer fish with no eyes?
A puffer fsh!
(I know terrible, lol)

Sharon's autumnal coloured grid scarf.
Cup warmer - a very useful means of using up leftover felt.

& Finally, a very industrious Deirdre - handbag, scarf & another fish!

Gail reminded all of the availability of wool, a selection of silks & some sundries at the sales table.  There were some of last year's wooltops reduced in price and a wonderful selection of autumnal colours for this season. Unfortunately our usual sales person, Jane Fox, was away. Helen substituted for what proved to be a very busy morning for the table & Helen is thankful that Jane will be here next time!

Then we came to the morning's felt-in led by Jayne Burgess, 'Fabric in Felt'. Jayne gave a clear and concise talk of how to incorporate fabrics inc. silk, muslin & cotton into the felting process.  After a discussion regarding the suitability/unsuitability of various fabrics Jayne showed some samples of beautiful felted projects demonstrating endless possibilitie using this technique. She had kindly brought along some sample fabrics for members to practise with. After laying down the wooltops & silks it was onto some very gentle patting to massaging then rubbing, rolling & of course throwing to rid yourself of any angst! Below are a selection of photographs of the morning and the resulting felted pieces. Remember that all felt-in sessions allow feltees to learn or practice a new skill that you can then take home to incorporate into your very own project.

Thank you to Jayne for beginning our year with a great session.

And finally a big thanks to the ladies who kindly organised the teas & coffees. Always a welcoming start to the morning & an opportunity to catch up with old friends & welcome nubies. 

What a fab day to start the year & hope you are all looking forward to our October felt-in on the 21st.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Saturday 16th September

FELT-INs recommence this Saturday morning 10-12.30 @ Hillsborough Village Centre. Please remember to bring completed membership form & subscription. Non-members - £6 per session.

This week reviews the use of fabric in the felting process. So along with your usual equipment don't forget to bring some silk, muslin and/or fine cotton. As usual there will be an opportunity to purchase some wool tops bausers, olive soap etc.

Don't forget 'show & tell' - bring along any pieces that you have been working on over the holiday period. It is great opportunity to share your skills and ideas. For those of you who attended any of the workshops over the holiday period (scarf or vessel making) can you bring along your completed (or incompleted!) items. 

Looking forward to seeing & catching up with everyone.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Vessel Workshop with Gail Cooke

Continuing on with August craft month, this week sees us at a workshop dedicated to vessels. This was led by the experienced and very talented felter Gail Cooke.

Gail demonstrated how to lay the fibres in layers around a resist creating a 3D object from a flat pattern. Sticking with natural colours, a mixture of Shetland wool tops was used to fabricate the base layer. Wensleydale and Blue-Faced Leicester curls were used to decorate and add texture. With a fair amount of water, soap, rubbing and rolling, our vessels were ready for shaping. At this stage, it was surprising to see the variation in all the vessels given the similar colours and resists used in the process. By then it was home time so we took our vessels with us to finish off. It will be great to see the final results at our next 'show and tell'. 

A big thank you to Gail for sharing her knowledge and skills. Thanks also to Tina for providing much needed refreshments. 

Photographs below...

Thursday, 24 August 2017

WET-FELTING with Leah & Helen

WET-FELTING demo on Tuesday 22nd August

Helen & Leah demonstrated to & assisted attendees in designing a unique piece of wet felt. Attendees were given the opportunity to learn about wool fibres, laying & the felting process. It was great to share these skills. Individuals left with a completed article & that wonderful feeling of achievement. 

There is no doubt that we shall be welcoming a few new members come September. 

Our thanks to Leah & Helen for leading these sessions. Thanks again to Gail, Ann & Jane Fox for assisting & enticing the public to join in. & of course thanks to Margarite & the library staff for helping us set up & providing the tea.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

WET FELTING DEMO on Tuesday 22/08/17

Wet. Felting demo on Tuesday with two sessions commencing at 10.15 & 11.15. Leah & Helen shall be leading these sessions. New & novice feltees welcome. Wool fibres & equipment provided.