Thursday, 25 August 2016


These hardy little girls were spotted yesterday high up in the Mournes and aren't they the lucky ones!

Isn't it great that Feltmakers North has been able to share a lot of its fun over the last six years with our super blog.  Thanks Fiona for all your work.

I'm your new blogger and really looking forward to sharing all that's happening in Feltmakers North in the coming months. 

Cheers for now

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Change for Autumn

Well are you all ears?
There are some changes taking place in the blog for Feltmakers North, it is with great regret and sadness,  that I have decided to stand down as blogger. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging to you all, every month, about what we at Feltmakers North are up to! But I think I am leaving you in good hands!
I thought I would end off with some photos!
I think this was our very first Christmas felt in, which was taken by the lovely Dorothy Dinsmore, a very generous and patient member and tutor. In the photograph are also Gail Cooke and Liz Nicholls who along with myself founded Feltmakers North in 2010.
We have had some wonderful tutors over the years, and one of my favourites is Elizabeth Bonnar, who Gail and I first met in Dublin. She could see we were very keen to learn the correct techniques of felting although in those days we were very inexperienced, however our thirst for knowledge appealed to her! Having said that I do love all our other tutors, all of whom we have had tremendous fun with, in various venues from Portballintrae, Hillsborough, Lisburn to Newry and some in between! We owe them a lot as they have increased our knowledge and love of felting a great deal!
Feltmakers North have not only run workshop and felt ins but we have also had two fabulous exhibitions in The Island Arts Centre. Above photo shows Barbara Finlay and Lesley Blackstock at The Creative Stitch Show in Belfast, where we able to spread the word about felting.
We always start our Felt ins with a wee cuppa, which enables us to catch up with everyone, as we really have a lovely bunch of people who are members and others who just pop in. I do recommend just popping in to a feltin its a good way to get a feel for felting.

Well I am not ending off with a sheep picture today but instead a Shug or a peep!?? So many of my friends have emailed me this photo I had to include so thank you! I think this would go down well in my house only problem is I would need three!
Pug is Sheep's clothing! 
I must say I am very sad posting this, but I hope everyone continues to enjoy felting and reading the blog! So take care everyone!
Fiona Harvey

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Concepts in Couture.

Feltmakers North workshop participants had the most wonderful learning experience last week end, we had Liz Clay over for two days. The workshop was very relaxed and calm, fun filled but at the same time we learnt such a lot!
Everyone produced their own unique pieces which added another dimension to the week end.
Dympna beautiful bag to which she was going to add leather handles.
We came to the workshop with our felt already made. This was a new slant to feltmaking workshops, and was a very pleasant change, it meant the whole time we learning new techniques and being creative, the rolling and rubbing had been done beforehand!!
                     Ann (our Chairperson) sewing her felt bag.
Some of us brought our sewing machine to speed up the construction.
                                    Helen tacking her bag together.
This is Liz's bag, so you can see she has attached lovely fine leather handles.
Another of Liz's design, a cool little bag with uneven handles, so that one handle loops through the other one for carrying!
Liz's scarf.
The room was awash with colour, and it was great to see some people branching out and using colours that they would not normally use!
Sarah decided to go big so she made another piece of felt in the workshop, pretty clever two handed action!

Jane was using fabulous wool she had obtained from etsy, the colours were fantastic.
Deirdre is adding the finishing touches to one of her pieces, a beautiful waterfall scarf in forty shades of green.
                                  Mary hard at work.

Now back to Sarah, I dont usually focus on one person in my blogs but i think everyone at the workshop was impressed with Sarah's work so it seems a shame not to share, the story. So this is the flat felt ready for construction.
This is the bag sewn together, I hope you realise the bag is on its side (sorry I cant turn the photo round?) The bull rushes were amazing with the 3D ripples on the water.
The second side had a water lily using Liz Clay technique , truly original!
Here I am having a wee chat with Dorothy, that is an added bonus in Feltmakers North, everyone is very friendly and helpful to others. A girl told me one time that she had read the blog for a good while before plucking up the courage to come along as we all seemed so good at felting! There are a few excellent felters in the group, but we have mixed abilities but everyone is willing to help and share, so if you are thinking of coming along please do!
This is me modelling Liz's amazing jacket from one of her own patterns, we are hoping we will get Liz back to take this workshop with us! ( I was being directed by the photographer on how to stand!!)
                           A very happy group of Felt makers!

So dont forget our next felt in is on September 17th when we will be using silk in felt making, the meeting starts at 10.00 with Coffee and renewing your membership, or becoming a member, or you can just pay for the morning session. We would love to see you all then. Fiona Harvey.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Great Opportunity!

Hello everyone!

 Are you missing our monthly sessions?

 Well two places have become available on the wonderful Liz Clay's workshop on July 30 and 31st! Liz is a very talented tutor from England who is coming to share her knowledge with us. The workshop is being held in the Scout hall in Hillsborough so very handy! If anyone is interested email asap at 

Monday, 27 June 2016


The June Felt in was another fun day with Felt. This month we had our own Dympna Curran teaching us about resists. However the session started with our show and tell. Dympna had brought in some beautiful meditative beads, that she had made. Some had seed beads added to them and some had embroidery, all were lovely and much admired.
The girls getting stuck in.
Dympna showed us how to make a small purse using a resist. For inspiration she brought in some beautiful examples of work  that she had made.
First she showed us how to to lay out the fibres on the resist, then showed us how to add some decorative additions. 
Everyone enjoyed the session and the results were very pretty and colourful (see below)
My thanks go to Jane Fox for this report on our June Felt in!

Isn't it great when you are in a lovely friendly group of like minded people! This was emphasised to me this week, when Tina sent me this lovely lamb photo!
How cute is this wee fellow!
Enjoy the summer everyone, and for the lucky few who are on the LIz Clay workshop in July, I will see you there. There will of course be a blog post about it!
Take care.
Fiona Harvey.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Take a Nosey!

Take a look at our diary dates there are some interesting workshops coming up, so get the dates written in your diary!

Next Felt in is June 18th with Dympna who is showing us how to use a resist, should be a fun morning, hope you can all make it!

Summer love, what a cute photo I couldn't resist sharing this with you!
Fiona Harvey

Sunday, 22 May 2016

6th AGM

Our sixth AGM was a well attended event, we got through all the business in a fun and relaxed manner. Then the members of Feltmakers North were provided with a talk from two delightful daughters of the Silk Road. Ranee Gai-ail (Gail Cooke) and Ranee Fee-onah (Fiona Harvey) of the princely state of Lis-buhrn, dressed in beautiful silk saris, who spoke on the fascinating subject of that most luxurious of materials- silk.
 Gail and Fiona showed us the silk cocoons and gave everyone their very own to take home. I have put mine in the green house to develop my very own silk farm!(Not really!!) We were made aware of silk farms and the ethical silk production.
Later in the talk Gail and Fiona explained how the silk we use in feltmaking can be bought in various forms, cocoons, rods, throwster waste, rovings, hankies, chiffon, gauze yarn and a myriad of other products.
The girls handed round plenty of samples, we looked and handled, examples and samples showing how the silk can be used to enhance and decorate our felts.There were so many varied examples of silk materials used to strengthen our felts and provide a delicacy and drape not possible using wool, all present were excited. There were plenty of samples to ooh and ahh over.
Pulling out a silk hankie!

Knowledge was passed unstintingly from the two ladies to us, their enthusiasm for this wondrous material and deep understanding of its properties encouraging us all to think how we might use this luxury fibre to best effect  in our own feltmaking!
Thanks ladies for a fun and informative talk AND for selling the saris afterwards!!

Sarah Jarden

My thanks to Sarah for writing this very amusing account of our AGM and also for taking loads of photos of the day!! After the talk we had our usual lunch and a good old chat, it was great to catch up with everyone. Here are a few more photos.

As requested by Mandy and Lesley my dog Pudding wearing her coat! (Not a good photo she was being a bit of a diva and wouldn't pose!)
Websites that were mentioned in talk

Please remember we haven't finished for the summer we still have another Felt in on 18th June taken by Dympna on using a resist. Happy felting.
Fiona Harvey