Monday, 22 August 2011

Meet Ted!

Saturday 20th August was a Feltmakers North workshop, taken by Dorothy Dinsmore and what fun we had! The photograph above is not one of Dorothy's teddies but one made by Vicki, who had never needle felted before!! So let this be inspiration to all you of out there who say you are not good to enough to take a workshop, the less you know the more you learn, plus you have loads of fun!
                                             Dorothy demonstrating how to needle felt a teddy.

The ears are soon to be attached!!

The day was very relaxed, and Dorothy gave us very clear instructions, which made the whole process quite straight forward and easier than we imagined. We used Corriedale wool, which is a coarser texture than merino and more suited to needle felting animals.
                                       Vicki and Ann getting all the individual pieces ready.

Here are the Teddies that were produced at the workshop!
Once all the individual pieces were made we sewed the bear together with dental floss! Linen thread can be used but as it is hard to get dental floss is a very good alternative. Everyone on the workshop was delighted as they all got one Teddy completed, some even started a second Teddy.

We start our Felt  ins on September 17th in Hillsborough Village Centre at 10.15 till 12.30pm. For September Liz has very kindly offered to show us how to make a window in felt and also a bump! This technique is very versatile and adds great interest to scarves, bags, cushion covers to name just a few! Just bring your felting kit and Liz will have anything else you might need. We are looking forward to seeing every body again and hopefully some new faces too, if you dont have a felting kit come along anyway and have some coffee see what goes on!