Thursday, 19 March 2020



Very disappointingly Feltmakers North Committee has taken the decision to cancel the March and April Felt-ins.  We are clearly all in a very rapidly changing situation and we will try and keep you updated about our felting world.

As you know we've launched the Community Outreach Project and everyone has been asked to contribute some little felted pieces for the children of Brookfield Special School.  So what better way to spend some of that spare time that we may all have very soon than to do a spot of feltmaking? 

So for inspiration, I've posted some pics from Tina to help us on our way.  If you'd like to get a copy of her full presentation to us at the February Felt-in and how we as feltmakers might get involved then please get in tourch.  In the meantime have a wee think about making something and sending us a pic so we can post on the blog.  It'd be great to get to see what everyone else is doing and a super way to inspire us to make more!!

These super little ideas should get us all inspired to begin making a little horde!  Over the coming weeks we'll try and post some more ideas to keep everyone going but do send me a pic or two to help.

Tina and the team were planning to for us all to make a project together on Saturday at our Felt-in.  The idea came from a project created by Katrina Virgona and published in the Australian magazine ArtWear.

Looks and sounds pretty fantastic but doable we reckon.  So again if you'd like me to forward the details do please let me know.

In the meantime we hope you stay safe and healthy and able to keep those pics rolling in!!

Take care of yourselves

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

More from Lyda's Workshop

Thanks to Mandy we can now share all these great pics of the girls and their work over last Saturday and Sunday.

Ann modelling Lyda's creation which incorporates upcycled bits from an old jumper - super!

Deirdre's second lay and such concentration from Wilma!

Lyda gives Veronica's creation a tiny tweak!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements and a very big thank you to Lyda for her inspired teaching.  And also to Mandy who was a great helper over our two days.  It'll be great to see the finished articles when we all are able to meet up together again.  

Monday, 16 March 2020

Beautiful Bags with Lyda!!

What a wonderful treat we had when the very talented Lyda Rump shared some of her many talents at our bag workshop held over the weekend in Hillsborough.  Lyda who is from the Netherlands, had many samples of her creations to inspire everyone and inspire she certainly did!

A beautiful little necklet
It was so very good to see everyone turning up on Saturday - we only had one cancellation which was quickly filled.  Lyda got down to business very quickly by demonstrating her method for trapping little objects, glass beads, small shells or stones into the work to add interest.

If you look closely at this bag, you can see where Lyda has trapped little glass beads or nuggets.

Samples of various mixes of wools

We were all very inspired by Lyda's sample books of beautifully executed felting techniques and coveted them all!

The two days passed in a blur as templates were selected and copied, wools weighed, designs finalised and the hard work begun.  Our tutor worked with each participant at every stage, quietly instructing and encouraging everyone.  She was very generous in sharing her skills and expertise and was so relaxed in her support that everyone felt very supported.

These great designs from Lyda with lots of little pockets and folds as well as interesting surface techniques incorporating silks, yarns, recycled knitwear were a great source of inspiration to workshop participants.

So much so that by the end of the second day, everyone had managed to make a second piece, albeit not completed so watch this space for more pictures in the coming days!!

Feltmakers North was very privileged to have such a gracious , generous and talented tutor share her knowledge and skills with its members.  

Unfortunately Lyda had to cut her visit short and return home today rather than being able to spend a little free time in Northern Ireland because of the current pandemic. 

Thank you Lyda from us all.  We hope you will be able to return soon.