Thursday, 20 October 2011

Yikes! Spikes!

Pudding the Pug modelled her new winter coat complete with Spikes this Autumns Must have!!

Our felting session today was learning how to make spikes and then attach them to felt or make them into the cutest flowers.
We started with equal lengths of merino tops, and using the small plastic bag and band, provided by Fiona, we kept about 1/4 of the piece dry. The spike was then made by wetting and gently rolling it until it became solid. Felting was achieved by firmly rolling the spike, so that it would stand up on its own.

We made a flat piece of felt, taking it to the pre felt stage, so it was still fibrous and ready to take the spike. The plastic bag was removed and the fibres were fanned out. This was then placed on the prefelt, dampened with soapy water and rubbed gently, so they became one. Once the spike was firmly attached, the rolling began. the resulting piece revealed a stunning piece of felt with a spike attached!!
A second spike was made and the plastic bag removed. We then added more fibres and worked on the top to develop a really lovely flower, small enough to make a brooch.

                                                               Completed Flower.

A great session with lots of new techniques learned and new members  producing stunning, creative work! All thanks to Fiona's excellent tutelage.
By Elaine Mc Combe.

At next month's felt in (November 19th) we will be making felt pens so please bring with you a new biro style pen. They are fun ,colourful pens that would be a lovely stocking filler! Please check out the workshop page as we regularly up date with all the information on up and coming events. We have some very exciting workshops planned for the next year, including an exhibition of members work in the latter part of 2012. This will be an excellent opportunity to show case the work that is produced by Feltmakers North members. We hope to have examples of the new technique we have acquired through attending our great workshop.
On the blog we now have a new section Book Review, this one was very kindly written by Barbara, But I hope some of you will send me a book review of your favourite book, or be a bit controversial and write a review of book you didnt like!!
Thats all from me, hope to see you all at November's felt in. Fiona Harvey.