Monday, 18 April 2011

I was very sorry I had to miss Dorothy's session making beads and baubles, however everyone that went said it was a great success! Dorothy showed a great selection of her work, with beads in various shapes and sizes some made into the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. I was able to pop in during the morning and see everyone working away in a great array of colours. Dorothy had used the needle felting techinque in part to complete the beads, and some people really got into the needle felting with a venegence!!
Can you believe it we are having our first AGM next month!! The response from everyone has been terrific and we are delighted to have so much interest. The Agm is in Hillsborough Village centre, which is in Ballynahinch Street, Hillsborough and the centre is joined onto the Primary school, so you should have no problem finding it. We will be dividing our meetings, over the next year, between the two venues. At the Agm we are having Maira, giving a talk on colour and Liz giving a demonstration on carding wool and its advantages. Freda Magill will be having a sales table where you will be able to buy her very gorgeous wool. (Then you can do the competition in September!!as mentioned in last post!!) we hope to have a few other wee things of felting interest too. Most importantly we would like you all to bring anything you have made in felt since you have started to come to Feltmakers North, we want EVERYONE to bring at least one item. I dont want to hear anyone say my stuff isnt good enough, because it is. It is the best way to learn is from seeing other peoples work! I am wrestling with a vessel this evening, I made a mistake on it earlier and I was so cross, but I am not giving up and I will keep going, so I may well bring it with me! The AGM will give you the opportunity to become a member for 2011-12 with the advantage of getting priority on 2 very exciting workshops over the summer, we will also be releasing details of future events planned!
 Here are a few of the fantastic bags made at Feltmakers North first all day workshop, the standard was terrific and I think some of the partiscipants surprised themselves! Eleanor and Hilary were great tutors and everyone learnt new ideas and techniques!

Just so you dont forget;                        FELTMAKERS NORTH AGM
                                                                    SATURDAY 21ST MAY,
                                                            HILLSBOROUGH VILLAGE CENTRE
                                                                  EVERYONE WELCOME.

 We will be announcing the winner of the logo competition at the AGM and we will be unveiling it! Keep on felting I think the different seasons make us choose different colours which keeps us all progressing, looking forward to seeing you all next month!
Fiona Harvey

Monday, 11 April 2011

Vessel Competition!

Here is the chance to put your new found knowledge into practise! Feltmakers Ireland are running a competition, open to all feltmakers, to make a vessel using a minimum of 80% native wool fibre, to be exhibited and judged at The Rare Breeds show at Gosford park on the first week end in September. The visitors to the show will choose the winner by placing at bead at the vessel they like the best! This show is a good chance to see the beautiful sheep that provide us with the wool that we use for felting! The Weavers and Spinners of Northern Ireland will also be there, so it should be an interesting day! For all of you interested in entering please contact Sheila Ahern at as entries need to be submitted no later than 26th August! Freda will be having a stand of her rare breeds wool at our AGM so there is no excuse that you wont have the right wool, no excuses come on everyone, enter and enjoy the challenge! If you want any more details you can contact me through the blog!
 Can you tell I love all the photographs of the sheep, this one is a particularly beautiful Jacob sheep!