Saturday, 17 May 2014

AGM number 4

There was a great turnout at Feltmakers North's fourth AGM. The business side of the AGM was over quickly and then we had a show and tell! It was fabulous to see all the work everyone had done during the year and the progress that had been made!

Diane modelling her fabulous jacket she made with Catherine O'Leary.
 A small waistcoat made at J Sendler workshop!

 Freda Magill, started with her talk on different breeds of sheep and the uses for their wool! 
 Freda told us all about the breeds of native sheep and it was amazing to hear how many breeds there were. The Galway sheep being the only native sheep of Ireland! We saw lovely photos of each breed, including the very pretty Badger faced Welsh mountain Sheep. Herdwick sheep,which are present in the lake District of England, their wool can be used to make insulation, which is environmental friendly and fire resistant!
 Sarah Jarden Foster then demonstrated some spinning, bringing with her two of her spinning wheels!

Sarah spun showing the different staples of wool going from South Down, to Jacob, to Galway a very long staple and ending up with Wensleydale and Leicester long wool. I have a short video of her spinning which I hope to post during the summer! She makes it look very easy!!
To end off the mornings talks Liz Nicholls gave a short talk on how she uses native wool in her work as a designer!
Liz made this beautiful bowl from Wensleydale, the texture of wool was visible as the light shone through it!
A very fine Wensleydale wall hanging, made by Liz Nicholls!
After a fabulous lunch supplied by the members, there was an afternoon of free felting!

Our next felt in is June 21st when Dorothy will be making beads! So we look forward to seeing you all then.
I am sorry I gave you the wrong information at the AGM as we have had over 30,000 hits to our blog 
and we reach far and wide. So hello to all our over seas readers!
Fiona Harvey