Monday, 24 June 2019

Small Vessel Felt-in 15th June

Saturday 15th June's Felt-in was taken by the lovely Sharon Bell
She showed us a variety of small vessels she had made using Shetland fibres, embellished with silk, flax and even sea glass and pebbles!

Sharon took us through the stages of laying out and rubbing! 

And rolling!

Exposing the Sea glass

The finished (mostly) vessels.
Such a fantastic array of colours and designs.

A brilliant morning was had by all.
Enjoy your Summer break everyone and keep Felting!!!!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Small Vessel with Sharon

At this month's felt-in Sharon Bell will be showing us how to make a small vessel with a resist.

Using Shetland wool, we will be taken through the process of laying fibres and using embellishments.

Can't wait to see the finished articles!
See you all on Saturday 10am for tea and coffee.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Lattice workshop 1st June in the Village Centre, Hillsborough.

Saturday gave 8 members a chance to learn how to make a lattice scarf. We were led in this venture by Gail Cooke, our Chair and fabulous Felter and tutor.

After laying out the fibres to Gail's instructions and adding a little embellishment, we spent lots and lots and lots of time rubbing. 

Gail showing us how to attach the tails and spikes!

Helen, our wonderful helper for the day! With mop and bucket at the ready and plenty of tea and coffee to go round!

2 beautiful lattice scarves!

modelled by 2 of our lovely members! 

 Jean's scarf got in a bit of a pickle as she hadn't checked it and it had started to felt to it's self. Lots of TLC and soapy water and it opened up just fine!