Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Felting Fever!

April is always a busy month for Feltmakers North, and this year was no exception, as we had our usual felt in and then we have a stand at The Creative Stitch Show, and we also had the brilliant Jeanette Sendler for two one day workshops!
Jeanette brought a great selection of inspirational samples with her, and her lovely gentle teacher manner, made the first day a tremendous success! We were to make a small jacket/waistcoat for a child. The pattern for this could then be enlarged for an adult! 
                               Some of Jeanette's amazing samples!

Jeanette demonstrating the process for making our small jacket.
                                       Tina having fun!

Sarah adding her pattern of flowers!
Dorothy also making a blue jacket but with a more marine theme!
Dympha's is all ready for her little grand daughter!

Workshop Two Tartan Felt, continued in the relaxed manner of the day before, under Jeanette's calm instruction.
                Another great range of samples to inspire us, which it did!
                             The weaving was no problem for Barbara!
The weaving has started!
Weaving with a more contemporary look!
Barbara's very neat weaving starting to take shape!
I think everyone who was present at our April workshops will agree they were a great success, as we all learnt a lot and now we all have a small supply of prefelt so we can continue to learn at home!!
The AGM is 17th May and for members only, who will be getting an email with full details, but please remember to wear something in felt that you have made while being a member of Feltmakers North!! There will be lots of interesting news at the AGM about our programme and plans for the direction of FN in the future, so we hope to see lots of you there!
Fiona Harvey

Monday, 7 April 2014


Saturday's Felt in was filled with fun, our tutor for the morning was Deirdre Gallagher, who showed us how to make colourful bangles!
Deirdre brought with her a great variety of bangles for inspiration, some were interlocking and some were decorated with beads!
Some of the mornings work!
The morning passed very quickly with everyone really enjoying learning and making bangles! Deirdre was a lovely tutor who guided us through the process!
We had a great show and tell with lots of the girls proudly bringing their finished or almost finished bags from Gail's workshop using Native Wools!
It was also great to see some of the work the members had done on their own!Here are two of Mandys pieces!
Above work in progress, but showing great potential!
Jayne's lovely scarf she made to wear to a wedding!

We hope to see you all at The Creative Craft Show in Belfast next week, come along and say Hello or sign up and take one of our hour long workshops!
Our AGM is the next meeting which is for members only and we have some very interesting speakers lined up!