Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Holiday update

I hope you are all enjoying the summer despite the very changeable weather! The committee of Feltmakers North are hard at work over the summer planning an exciting programme of events for the incoming year! We have 2 workshops this year Dorothy's teddy bear workshop in august and you still have time to apply for this workshop the deadline is 6th August! Then in November we are having Gaby Mc Grath for a one day Hungarian workshop, showing us traditional Hungarian techniques using Hungarian wool, I can thoroughly recommend this workshop and tutor, and I think places will be highly sought after.
We hope to plan an exhibition of Feltmakers North's members work for the winter of 2012 and the title for this exhibition will be announced soon, so that you can all get your work ready. This is a great opportunity to promote felt making but also have a goal to work towards personally, we hope all members will produce an item or items for the exhibition. It will also give you the opportunity to sell some of your work!! Now there is a thought!!

Don't forget The Rare Breeds Show at Gosford Park on Saturday 3rd  September, Feltmakers Ireland are running a competition previously mentioned on the blog, so even if you have not entered it will be a good opportunity to go and see some vessells made with native wool! The visitors are the judges so you can vote for the one you like the best!!

17th September in Hillsborough Village centre, we will be having our first autumn felt in. Liz Nicholls is going to show the technique of using a resist to make a window in your felt! This is a very exciting method than can be adapted to use in many items of felt.

In September we would like Feltmakers North partiscipants to bring items they have felted over the last few months so we can see what everyone is up to! This is very inspirational and a great way to learn straight from the horses mouth, so I hope you all remember to bring some thing along. The committee would also appreciate some feed back from people as to what they like or dislike about FN and any ideas as to how we can improve, or any techniques you would like to learn we are open to suggestions and where possible we will try and accommodate all suggestions! These suggestions can be emailed to we are looking forward to hearing from you.
The next blog will be packed with information and will posted in August so dont miss it! Bye for now.