Saturday, 23 June 2018

FISHY FUN with Mandy Nash 23rd June

Firstly thanks to Mandy on delivering some fishy fun & of course to the Committee for arranging today's workshop.

Mandy uses Bergschaf (Tyrolean mountain sheep) wool. This is a wonderfully short staple lightly crimped fibre which felts relatively quickly. A vast array of colors were available to use together with various shaped resists. The 3-sided resist provided the basic fish shape with masking tape used as a resist for scales & slashes. Following lunch the group concentrated on tails, dorsal and ventral fins. Then had a whale of a time rubbing and rolling. 

Certainly at the 'top' table (youse know who youse are!) there were a few fun puns with (unsurprisingly) a fishy theme. Poor Marie had a 'haddock' (a Lurgan headache); Sarah thought this wasn't the 'plaice' for it & Fiona had to 'clam' down & 'mullet' it over. If anyone else has a good fishy pun let 'minnow'!!!!!! 

Anyway after some more rubbing & rolling, heating & throwing it was almost time to leave. However, a few felters managed to remove the resists and begin shaping eyes, mouths, spikes and almost complete. Below are just some of the results. Please bring your completed fish along when we return in September.

Again thanks to Mandy Nash for a great session. Lots of pics below. 🐠🐡🐳

Finally thanks to Lisburn Council and the Deputy Mayor, Amanda Gresham for their continued support to Feltmakers North.

Sorry Gail!


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