Wednesday, 11 October 2017

WORKSHOP with Gabi McGrath 7 & 8th October

What a wonderful workshop we attended at the weekend. Participants were guided through making a beautiful felted bag and then adding leather by the very skilled and generous tutor Gabi McGrath. 

The first day saw us make our bags using Cushendale wool - a mixture of New Zealand and Galway wools. Batts were laid out over a variety of resist shapes and we rubbed and rolled until all bags were ready for drying. 

Day two concentrated on designing leather embellishment using designs provided by Gabi.  We  were taught how to sew the leather onto the bags using a variety of stitches and threads. Gabi also showed us how to make leather buttons - toggle and bellybutton shapes, leather button loops and handles using 4 strands of leather to produce a circular platt.  Gabi's friend Yvonne was wonderful - she helped us all in manyways.Pulling bags into shape, helping with techniques and she was always on hand with teas, coffees and water!

Dorthy decided on Saturday that she would stay over at Ann's on Saturday night but realised on Sunday that  she needed her medication. Thus devoted husband Sam arrived to save the day!

We were delighted to have the Lord Mayor of LCCC (Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council) call into the workshop. We are very grateful to LCCC for their continual support in 
providing funding for this workshop. 

We all went off home to complete our bags which we will show at the next felt in on 21st October.


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