Saturday, 22 April 2017

Nothing Boring About Shibori!!

Ann sharing one of her samples

Our April Felt-In was led by Feltmakers North Chair Ann McCullough and she introduced us to shibori techniques in feltmaking.  Ann had made lots of samples and shared some interesting ideas on dyeing to achieve traditional shibori effects.

Tying techniques

Some of Ann's lovely samples
Of course before we got down to trying this fabulous technique we had our usual Show n Tell and that was a treat!  Below are some of the amazing garments which the girls made at the recent Dagmar Binder Workshop.

Lovely designs

Pattern wraps round from front (clever girls!)

Wonderful to see all the creativity at play and how each garment is so very different.  Hopefully all the girls will sport their final pieces at our AGM next month.

This beautiful scarf was made by Tina who had interpreted Dagmar's technique and created a lovely diaphanous summer scarf.

Karen proudly shows her samples

Helen finally finished her bag - only took her six months!!

Maria's velvet scarf which she had constructed and then dyed

It was very pleasing to see so many lovely things on display at our Show n Tell.  Well done to everyone.

And then it was Ann's turn!  She demonstrated the basic tecnhiques to get everyone started and then did the rounds encouraging us to work even harder to get our samples completed in time. 

Our two latest recruits Elaine and Ida got stuck in!

Sarah tries to distract Jane!

Well as the photos show everyone got going and worked pretty hard - well some did, poor Sarah was suffering today and opted to encourage from the sidelines!

The versatility of the shibori technique in feltmaking is wonderful - from creating pattern through the careful application of the resist material, to adding raised surfaces and texture, to creating 3d stones for a hanging and lots more.  It's a great skill to master for the feltmaker.

Lots of lovely samples which will look even better when the felt dries and the resists can be removed.   Everyone  thanked  Ann for her inspiration and help today and I know we'll all be looking forward to creating our own masterpiece soon!

Dympna decided she wanted to begin her masterpiece today and as you can see from the above photos, she has almost finished - well done to her.

Finally a little tip for everyone - Jane brought along a roll of wire which had been covered in wool, a product which florists use, but which could have all sorts of interesting applications for felters, so watch this space!


  1. So lovely to see you all today. Wonderful garments from the Dagmar Binder workshop all finished and being worn for the photoshoot! Super of lady Mayoress Rosalind Bloomfield to visit with her cousin Joan Murray the fashion designer and lecturer (thanks Joan for modelling!) You all cheered my rather cold filled day!

    1. Thanks Sarah you are absolutely right! It was great to see our Lady Mayoress Rosalind and Joan dropping in and spending time with us all. Their lovely comments about our work were very supportive and they are of course welcome to visit us anytime.

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