Sunday, 19 February 2017


Deirdre led our February Felt-in with a great session on using felting needles to create lovely felted rings.  We shared lots of tips about the little holders for the needles and everyone was introduced to the basic skills of using these specialist barbed needles in making felt.

All were rapt in concentration as Deirdre took us through the stages of making a lovely little ring carefully explaining how to shape and that all important factor in any ring, how to ensure it fitted!!

It was a welcome change not to have to spread out bubblewrap and get warm water sorted before working hard to complete a sample piece during the session.  We were encouraged to use scrap pieces of wool and maybe blend some colours together - such a great opportunity to use up all those bits of wool and yarn that we can't bear to throw out!


Everyone enjoyed themselves if the smiles are anything to go by!

Deirdre brought along some old zips which she had recycled and in a spin off from one of our earlier sessions led by Dorothy, she showed us how she had fashioned a ring using a piece of old zip and some wool.

We always try and encourage each other to share our work and everyone was very keen to see the results of our recent wall hanging workshop.  Helen had liked her sample piece so much that she framed it and I must say I don't blame her!

She also shared her larger piece which she is still working on. It's a lovely example of planning your work and using loads of different techniques to get the effects you want.

And talking of special effects I couldn't resist taking a SNAP of Sarah's name badge!  Isn't it great?

It was lovely to meet some new faces to Feltmakers North and to share our work.  These little animals of Cate's were well behaved and clearly well house trained!

Carol and Bill are used to working with wool and she shared these colourful pieces with us.  We hear on the grapevine that Carol accepted Bill's ring and did agree to marry him again!

Thanks to Deirdre everyone had good fun and there were no stabbings for a change!

Thought I'd finish with this lovely photo of Elaine modelling her cobweb felted scarf which she had fashioned after our January Felt-in.  See you all soon.

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  1. Lovely photos of a great morning. So calm and relaxing, and very inspiring!


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