Saturday, 17 October 2015

Good way to spend a Saturday morning!

We had a lovely Saturday morning making Nuno, with Jayne Burgess. Jayne had brought lots of samples to give us ideas and show us different techniques!
She certainly showed us the diversity of nuno felting, and we all had great fun making our sample pieces! She stressed the importance of making a sample before starting a larger project so you know how it is going to shrink and react!
                                   Jayne's demonstration piece!
There were a great variety of colours and above Deirdre has used some muslin rather than silk!
We had a first at our felt-in Sarah launched her booklet called Fleece to Felt, a guide to using native wools, and her first print was sold out in a matter of minutes, so well done Sarah!!  If you would like a hard copy £5 plus postage and package or a Pdf is available from Sarah email

Joanne carding her wool ready for her next project!

During the free felting in the afternoon we had great fun, relaxing and felting whatever we wanted, making the most of having two tables and lots of space.
Keep the sheep photos coming, they are great and I am so pleased I have had a response from far and wide!! So Thank EWE sorry couldn't resist it! 

Keep an eye on the diary dates so you don't miss out as we have lots of exciting plans for the next 12 months!! Enjoy your felting, and see you next month.

Now what do you think of this fabulous photo, can you work out what exotic location this was shot in? I wish I was there with the beautiful blue sea!
Well are you guessing?..........................................................

This photo was taken at Luskentyre, Isle of Harris, which I believe is meant to be gorgeous and the locals have a gorgeous soft accent!  
Fiona Harvey

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