Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bags of Fun!

This month Feltmakers North decided to change the format of the day, we started with the usual felt in, which was using a resist to make a small vessell. Then for those who had booked they took up the opportunity to put their new knowledge in to practice and use a resist to make a bag in the afternoon!
 The morning started with instruction on using a small resist, it was great to see the varieties of colours and finishes used, diverse as usual!
           There was plenty of rubbing and rolling and of course chat! By the end of the morning each person had produced a lovely little vessell, all very different and one lady produced a purse.                                                     
In the afternoon the business of making a bag started, with each person deciding on colours, type of wool and what style to make. It was a lovely relaxed and friendly day which always seems to be the case at Feltmakers North. Above is a bag made using a mixture of native wool and merino with very pleasing results!

     Another bag made using native wool and merino, here Barbara decided to make a bucket style bag, she is going to add a long handle to it and wear it over her shoulder.

                                                       A lovely bag bag where the design in silk fibres was carried through from one area to another, creating a dramatic finish.

   I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did, certainly they all went home with lovely bags! 
We look forward to seeing you all next month for our Christmas felt in, we will be using prefelts so if you have some bring them along and if not we will have some you can buy from us! fiona Harvey                                                                                                        

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