Sunday, 22 March 2015

Needle Felting!

Saturday's felt in was needle felting with Joanne Nordman, who is one of our talented members, it was a lovely relaxing morning. Joanne gave us good instruction on how to tackle a cuff style bracelet.
She advised us to use a needle holder than could take more than one needle to speed up the process! However Bronwen didn't have such a tool so she decided to do it with both hands!!

As usual our members made many variations, some adding in items from previous felt ins!
During the morning all eyes were down on the subject in hand, however it didn't stop the chat, which is an important part of the session!

Sadly Deirdre wasn't always her happy self, as she looked up during needle felting and paid the price! However she regained her composure and was able to continue!! Lol!
It was a great morning and we all really enjoyed being creative together under the guidance of Joanne.
Devise that holds more than one needle!
Keep checking the diary dates for what is happening over the next few months, so you don't miss out!
At the AGM for members only we are holding a UFO day when you bring along items that are unfinished or that haven't worked out the way you wanted and get advice from our panel on how to proceed. 
Our Second exhibition will be held in October at the Island Arts Centre, so we are hoping all the members will exhibit approximately four items. So that is a good goal to finish all the UFO or make that item you have had in your head to make and haven't got round too! The last exhibition was a big success and I am sure this one will be just as good if not better!!
Yes just take a closer look, very cute and I couldn't resist adding this photo to end the post! See you all soon, keep felting!
Fiona Harvey

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

100th Blog Post!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed our wee video, showing what the committee gets up and what is involved in putting together our programme for the year! The list of activities is extensive, committee meetings, testing ideas for workshops, weighing wool out for workshops, applying for finance, doing the books, making tea and coffee for tired felters, doing the books, lots of paperwork to mention just a few of the tasks involved, not to mention taking photos even when people don't want them taken!!Also please watch this on a computer and not a phone to get the committee in their full glory!! I laugh every time I watch it!

So this is our 100th post and I am delighted to say we have readers from all over the world, so "HELLO" to everyone in the  USA, Canada, Russia, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and Moldovia!!

Now down to the latest news on our exciting workshops. First of all the Hanky Panky workshop with Nancy from Treetops Australia is fully booked with a waiting list! There are a few places left on the Residential with Jeannette Sendler so hurry and get your application in, so as you don't miss out on the fun!
Our next Felt in is on Saturday 21st March Joanne will be showing us how to needle felt a small item, which will be a great morning of fun and learning, we look forward to seeing you all there. 

Woops! I was nearly in trouble, I would like to thank my very patient daughter Vicki McGuinness for all her help and advice on putting together the video!!

Fiona Harvey